About Me

Welcome to my personal website.

I am an entrepreneur, minister, writer, martial artist, philosopher.  More importantly, I am a husband, father, and friend.  I am a Freemason, block club captain, global citizen.  I enjoy both solitude and good company, hard work and a good night’s rest.  I put my trust in intellect, but the heart above all else.

I work from a home office in South Buffalo (New York), running my company Kentropolis Internet, where I live with my wife and plenty of pets.  In addition to various community service projects, I teach Tai Chi to veterans at the VA Recovery Center twice a week, and I spend some Thursdays helping out on a CSA (organic farm) in East Otto.

My interests are far and wide across philosophy, world religions, and all the natural sciences.  I write extensively on the topics of science and religion, culture and politics, business and economics, and the study of cult phenomenon.  I am also an independent interfaith minister who does weddings, funerals, memorial services and run the “Earth 2 Mouth” program.

Meeting people is always a pleasure, and I spend much time on the Internet with that being my ultimate intention.

My main personal blog can be found HERE.