Ken JP Stuczynski

Life Artist

Writer, Speaker, Martial Artist, Philosopher,
Futurist, Freemason, Ethicist, Human Being

Authoring & Publishing

In the process of writing several books, Ken set up the “Amorphous Publishing Guild” to help other new authors learn how to publish.


Ken has paired up with a variety of connections to spread his critical thinking education using interdisciplinary approaches to many subjects and issues.

Interfaith Ministry

“Reverend Ken” serves those who are of mixed faiths or are otherwise unchurched, providing services including weddings and memorials. He is also the creator of the “Earth 2 Mouth” service program and the Facebook Group “Zero Intolerance Initiative”.


Brother Ken is a published Masonic author and public speaker, hailing from the Grand Lodge of New York.

Personal Life

A husband and father with plenty of pets in a small South Buffalo home, his interests span from various intellectual pursuits to Beekeeping and Martial Arts.

Welcome to my personal website.

I am an entrepreneur, minister, writer, martial artist, philosopher.  More importantly, I am a husband, father, and friend.  I am a Freemason, block club captain, global citizen.  I enjoy both solitude and good company, hard work and a good night’s rest.  I put my trust in intellect, but the heart above all else.

I work from a home office in South Buffalo (New York), running my company Kentropolis Internet, where I live with my wife and plenty of pets.  In addition to various community service projects, I have taught Tai Chi to veterans at the VA Recovery Center for almost 20 years, and I occasionally help out on a CSA (organic farm) in East Otto.

My interests are far and wide across philosophy, world religions, and all the natural sciences.  I write extensively on the topics of science and religion, culture and politics, business and economics, and the study of cult phenomenon.  I am also an independent interfaith minister who does weddings, funerals, memorial services and founded the “Earth 2 Mouth” program.

Meeting people is always a pleasure, and I spend much time on the Internet with that being my ultimate intention.